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About Green Fish

Green Fish has been established due to the growing demand to supply my export quality fish to the high end local market.

I have fished the cape waters for a number of years, and since have developed an understanding of weather and fish patterns, fishing commercially locally and internationally for a number of years, and have developed knowledge with regards to fish availability, buying of fish, quality, quantity and price.

I specialize in sashimi quality yellow fin tuna (my main line, biggest demand and best quantity) used for sushi, as well as fresh yellowtail, and other line fish from the abundant cape waters.

I am always aware of conservation, as I harvest from the sea, and therefore promote best practice fishing and the sale of green listed species over orange where possible.

I am a dynamic company that adjusts to the every changing needs of the high end sashimi market.

Delivering a fresh passionate product with knowledge of its origin.

Green Fish Sustainable Seafood Policy

Green Fish Traders is proud to be a part of the global solution to overfishing by encouraging more sustainable seafood choices from responsibly managed legal sources that are environmentally sound.

Green Fish Traders realises that market support for sustainable and well-managed fisheries and responsible aquaculture is critical to the long-term maintenance of healthy and productive marine ecosystems, species, and livelihoods, as well as sustainable long term business.

As such, Green Fish Traders commit to ensuring that all of our seafood offered will be sourced from legal fishing operations and traceable back to its point of origin. Our seafood product range will be subject to continuous improvement, unsustainable seafood products will be phased out and sustainable choices promoted. Green Fish considers sustainable seafood as that which originates from a fishery which could continue to operate indefinitely without reducing the target species’, or any other species in the marine ecosystems, ability to maintain a viable population. Any new seafood products will also be considered against strict legal, traceability, and sustainability criteria.

We also believe that, in order to make environmentally responsible choices, consumers and clients have a right to accurate information about their seafood choices. We at Green Fish Traders commit to providing our customers with information about the species, origin, and production method (fishing gear used, or wild-caught/farmed) for every seafood product sold.

Delivering a fresh passionate product with knowledge of its origin.

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